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Cooking Classes

Making Pad Thai

People give many reasons for attending cooking classes including making new friends, "girls' or guys' night out", date night, or simply getting some new recipe ideas. But, mostly, it's about having fun! There really is more to cooking classes than just learning how to cook.


Whether you're looking to bring your family back to the kitchen table, want to learn how to cook a few special dishes to impress family and friends, or you just love cooking and want to meet new friends and learn some new dishes, Wiki's Kitchen helps you do all of this and more!

Chocolate Tastings

Cacao Pods, Cacao Beans, & Chocolate Bars

Much like wine tastings, chocolate tastings allow you to explore the amazing flavor complexities of chocolate from around the world. If you want to experience chocolate and not simply consume it, then a chocolate tasting is the best place to start.


Expand your awareness of the different chocolates available for your enjoyment and increase your knowledge about all aspects of chocolate including its history, production and manufacturing process as you develop your palate and discover the large flavor variations between different chocolates.